Europe CBD Natural Smoking Merchandise Regulatory Report 2020 –

DUBLIN – (BUSINESS WIRE) – The report “CBD Regulatory Report: Herbal Smoking Products in Europe” has been added Offer.

European markets differ in what they allow in terms of CBD business, mainly due to the different regulations that each country has. While hemp flowers are actually banned in some countries, others have taken a less restrictive stance.

This report provides a detailed picture of the regulation of herbal products for smoking in Europe, covering topics such as reporting, taxes and packaging, as well as a solid list of regulations for hemp flower across Europe.

Main themes:

1 Introduction

2. Is hemp a herbal product? Is it also a tobacco product?

3. The legal framework for “herbal products for smoking” in the context of the TPD

4. What about taxes?

5. What about other laws?

6. The regulation of hemp flowers in Europe

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